As Flying Pig Productions, I’ve been offering a variety of types of graphic design and production in Madison since 1990, including books, manuals,¬†brochures, flyers, posters, and web sites.

Can’t let cycle camping keep me from buying the evening’s firewood.

Specialities include long documents like books, manuals, and directories. I recently developed a process to take large data tables and move them to the web for access optimized for a smartphone. I also redesigned the hiking trail maps and signs for a nature reserve in Costa Rica.

I have a lot of years of wrangling text into shape, including automagically getting a database into a fully layed out document using exported codes and detailed style sheets. And I can help with more straightforward graphic design work like newsletters, brochures, flyers, and identity.

The projects shown here are a little old now. I’m putting newer work¬†on a Behance portfolio.

Contact me by email via Carol at my domain.